long time no see…

it’s been quite a while since my last blog. life seems to be going by a million miles an hour but sometimes you need to take 5 minutes out of a busy day to reflect on how things are at the minute. things are great wedding plans are going smoothly I have picked my dress and when I tried it on will all the accessories and shoes it felt right it felt real and it hit me that I’m actual bride and it was an overwhelming happy feeling. it made things that more special. mood wise things are still good and I feel quite on an even plain which is good. my ears are quite problematic again infections and dizziness fairly often which is peeing me off but I’m trying hard not to let it bring my mood down. all in all I feel I am managing very well despite the major things that are happening in life dare I say I feel ‘normal’ or “like everyone else’ I don’t really like the word normal as what even is normal? but I feel like I’m doing pretty good shall we say. I’m also doing really well with my fitness I’m enjoying the gym 3 times a week and in between walking etc making sure everyday I’m doing something that counts towards exercise I’m week 5 of joining slimming world and I have lost nearly half a stone. I’m so pleased with my progress as my gp and psychiatrist said with bipolar medication and thyroid medication it is difficult for people to loose weight but each week it’s coming off gradually.  yes I may not be like some of the people at slimming world loosing 5 6 pound a week but literature says it’s more natural to loose 1 or 2 pounds a week so I’m doing good. and half a stone lighter for my wedding ☺. so far so good.  well that’s about it for now. bye for now. 

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