super Sunday

today had been a lovely day. I started the day with a lovely walk in the sunshine with frost on the ground lively and refreshing. I then went to my grandparents to show them my wedding invitations and met my cousins Rachael and Matthew Rachael is my maid of honour they all loved the invitations and things seem to be getting that little bit more exciting again ☺ another fab thing from today was that we have managed to get a wedding cake maker and she’s able to do the design we want!  even better we get to meet her for coffee and try cake samples mmmm don’t mind if we do! 😂 as the day draws to a close I have taken some time just for me to relax which I rarely do mam bought me some temple spa products most of which I’m saving for my honeymoon but I decided to use the foot cream and hand cream tonight and they are both like heaven my skin feels amazing and it feels like I’ve had a mini spa session so relaxing, thing is these products aren’t the cheapest to buy so will have to treat myself occasionally my heads always running a hundred miles an hour and with return to work full time and all of the wedding organisations the next few month is going to be hectic there will be some amazing but some stressful times. I need to try and take even 10 minutes out of my day to colour or pamper myself so that my body and mind get chance to relax for a while.  my sleep is becoming disturbed again which sucks as I’ve been managing a good few months of sleeping all night. I think it’s because there’s literally so much happening righy now that my minds finding it difficult to switch off. if only it was that simple eh. like a light switch on during the day to serve it’s purpose and energy then off on the night to switch off until it’s next needed! that would be ideal! I hope everyone has had a nice weekend whatever it involved ☺


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