well a belated happy new year ðŸ˜€

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the festive period and new year with family and friends. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Christmas time with friends family and loved ones. we enjoyed new years eve by having a meal with our next door neighbour a then having a few drinks with them at there house.  christmas seems to have been and gone in a quick blur and January is nearing an end already. I returned back to work full time at the beginning of January the first week back I was absolutely exhausted physically and mentally as it has been nearly a year since I worked full time it’s a big step from working part time to think go to full time . this week I have been much better have more energy and stamina. although I am going to bed pretty early. but that’s like most people after a long day at work tiredness kick in
mentally I feel things are pretty stable and I feel on a level key and hope this stability remains. wedding plans are still going great and I don’t feel at all stressed by them as we have a lot of the things already done photographer booked wedding cars venue ceremony,  reception,  catering, dj, bar, table decorations etc. invitations due in next week or so to. once the invitations are our and returned to us I think the stress levels may go up in terms of planning the setting plan everyone is telling me that is the most stressful part! if anyone has a easy guide to setting plan I would be very grateful lol! hope everyone is having a promising start to the new year like I am! take care x


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