long time coming…

it’s been a long time since I’ve updated with a blog on here.

it’s certainly been a roller coaster the last few weeks. the wedding planning is going great. work consultations about the redundancies not so great but I am actively looking for other work opportunities but at least I remain working in my current role until the end of March which gives me time to hopefully secure a full time job elsewhere.  the bad news that we’ve faced this week is a bereavement in the family.  another angel in heaven and another star in the sky.  my fiancee and I shared lots of treasured memories with this lovely lady and she will be sadly missed. however we are pleased that we both got to say our final goodbyes to her when she needed it most!  I am  coping with it as everybody else would cope bereavement effects ever person differently.  last night I made the decision for my fiancee and I to have a reflection time and to light a candle in her memory.  we are doing our best to support the family with anything they need help and support with. we are managing day by day. my medication finally feels stable again and the migraines have eased. onwards and upwards keep plodding on keep optimistic keep smiling and have faith that tomorrow is a new day with new memories to make!


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