Another miserable Monday! 

I swear when the weather is full and gloomy it has an effect on your mood as I have felt dull and gloomy all day. At work there is a lot of secrecy and meetings going on and all staff have to go at set times over the next few days to talk with the headteacher about something. We all know that there’s financial difficulties at the moment but we are all trying our hardest to keep our high standard as an outstanding school our professionalism and dedication to our jobs hasn’t change. I am lucky that I adore the job I do and not a lot of people say that about there job there is never been a time when I’ve thought screw this job it’s shit! Everyone feels like they are walking on eggshells at the minute and we shouldn’t guess and worry ourselves of what the news could be. At the minute I’m grateful of each day that I am continuing to do the job I love. There is worries in my head but I’m trying to keep myself busy at home to help take joy mind off these worries. Sleep is becoming problematic again which sucks a bit as my sleep has been great for a good few weeks. I think it’s because there is a mixture of things going on for me right now enjoyable wedding plans and preparations but then the worry of possible redundancy and not being able to afford the mortgage or the wedding, it’s positive battling against negative and it’s becoming hard to keep upbeat and positive but I’m trying my best! 


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