Super Sunday

i haven’t updated or wrote on here for a long time as it’s been very busy recently. All te wedding plans are definitely in full swing and I’m loving every minute of it. Don’t feel stressed, certainly not over excited, I think I’m as excited as every bride to be is I don’t think there is any set level of excitement! This weekend has been particularly enjoyable as on Saturday night I had my bridesmaids round and present them with a goodbag the maid of honour had a personalised wooden heart ask her to be our maid of honour and the other bridesmaids had a personalised card with a bracelet and sentimental message on asking each of them to be bridesmaids they loved it! And  so happy to have my best friends and my cousin as my maid of honour! These girls are my rocks and I love them all to pieces! We had an amazing night of films chatting and some alcohol may of been sampled lol! Today we went to a wedding fayre all 4 of us which had 100 exhibitors and it was amazing! There was some amazing bride dresses to see and I was just in complete awe to a far few of them I can’t wait to do wedding dress shopping! But that’s a few month away need to loose a few pounds before that! There was some lovely ideas for decor and inspiration the girls loved it and then we enjoyed a Sunday lunch together before heading home. Another thing that has made my day is getting contacted off a old friend who had found out I was engaged and wished me good luck and congrats which was lovely and means a lot to me. Sometimes things happen and life gets in the way and you loose contact with the people who meant the most to you and there’s no explanation why. But when you start messaging it becomes instantly like old times but it’s kinda weird too after literally years! Anyway I feel like I’m living a dream at the moment but I certainly don’t want to wake up!


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