Miserable Monday 

so it’s been a very gloomy day today weather wise been raining all day which obviously has an effect on the children at work not being able to get outside and let off some steam and energy which was a shame for them. There was some upset and grouchy children to contend with that’d for sure! I felt alright and managed the full day at work without any problems, came home had tea did the usual daily tidying up tasks then an horrendous migraine took over. I am trying to decrease my venlefaxine tablets through help of the physiatrist but unfortunately one of the side effects is migraines which I have never had in my life. I never get headaches so migraines are somewhat of a shock to the system never experienced pain like it and I’m finding the only way of getting over them is complete darkness and sleeping it off. Does anyone else have problems with migraines and if so do you have any coping strategies that work that I could possibly try. It’s very difficult to carry on working when it happens at work but luckly it’s been really bad at work only once so hopefully it won’t happen at work but I want to be able to carry on as normal if it does occur. I would be grateful of any help on this. Hope everyone is doing ok . I’m so glad Monday’s  over! 


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