So it’s been a while 

a lot has been going on in my life recently some of the wedding plans are coming along nicely we have our date set our ceremony set and our reception venue set we are going to have a look around where we are going to tie the knot tomorrow and to ask a few questions and confirm things so excited for that. Unfortunately one of my childhood friends has decided to call it a day with me mutual decision though just don’t have time for petty pathetic arguments have far toomuch  going on and from what others are saying to me I’m certainly not in the wrong all I do is stand by my friends through everything and if they were in danger I would be there for any of them in a shot I’m a honest girl and always say my true feelings and I do get that sometimes being brutally honest with someone can hurt but then they appreciate your honest and respect you for it, we’ll all of my friends and family certainly to. I’ve learnt that life isn’t easy I have had many pitfalls in my life but many happy cherished memories too, and I certainly know that there will be ups and downs on the planning the wedding I know that and am prepared for them eventualities and I will have the support of the people that are my world and my rocks when I need them the most. I might only be able to count my best friends on one hand but it’s better to have a few trusted best friends then 30 or more acquaintances. Life has its ups and downs and everyone has there own journey and own worries and happiness to deal with. So we have to try and be strong to get on and deal with things come what may! Onwards and upwards!  



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