Update Monday 

I have had a very busy few weeks since the engagement life has been very busy we had a brilliant mini bbq in celebration and had catch up with family and friends we have both been spoilt with happy thoughts and good luck. This is the second week back at work but the first  Monday as last Monday was bank holiday. I work full days on Monday which I knew was going to be quite challenging. I spent my morning planning occupational therapy activities and trying to sort out groups and time allocation for the children, sorted my phonics box, sorted speech and language activities out for tomorrow’s session. This afternoon I was down to work in reception class which I had been looking forward to as I haven’t had the opportunity to meet all the new starters yet. I hadn’t been in the class long when called to have a meeting with one of my speech and language parents who got the wrong date and time but never mind I was able to go and have the meeting we needed. Then I was able to go back to the classroom and help out a bit more. I really enjoyed my day but I am absolutely shattered. And have a horrendous headache I’m hoping it’s just tiredness. But today is the first day of me having to reduce one of my medications with advice from the psychiatrist so I hope I’m not going to have bad withdrawal symptoms from reducing this. Hopefully everything will be okay and I continue doing well as everything seems to be slowly clicking into place again. Hope everyone else is having a good start to there week 😊


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