Amazing news

apologies for not posting for a while wow where do I start. Last Wednesday my boyfriend and I went away for a overnight trip to Leeds and stayed in a beautiful hotel unknown to me my boyfriend was planning on proposing that evening. We had a lovely day out at the national media museum and then spent our afternoon in the gym sauna jacuzzi and swimming pool at the hotel. I was ready to go down for our evening meal when my boyfriend proposed to me! It was the most romantic unexpected and completely unbelieve experience beyond my dreams! He picked the most beautiful ring himself and had kept everything secret the perfect surprise. All of our family and friends are over the moon and we’ve  celebrated with them a lot the last few days. We will be planning an official engagement party very soon. It hasn’t sunk in yet I don’t think it’s like an amazing dream at the moment and as though it’s not happening to me. Today was my first day back after the summer holidays it was none stop busy I have 8 new pupils added to speech therapy children I now have 23 children needing speech and language support. Well today has made me shattered I’m off to sleep now hope everyone has had a good day 


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