Well Sunday was very busy mam and dad came to plant trees in the garden and my grandparents came to have coffee and look at the garden and Nanna made us a coffee cake which was lovely 😊, we then went over to visit my boyfriends parents for Sunday dinner and met the new pet in the family, a pet rabbit called fudge. Fudge is adorable. We all went for a lovely walk and we stayed for a sandwich at tea time. It was a lovely day. 

Today has been great so far my boyfriends on holiday this week which is fresh cos I’ve been off the six weeks but he’s been working. So we’ve had a relaxing morning we went to get bedding plants for the flower beds in the bottom section of the garden and will be planting these shortly and that’s the garden all complete so pleased with how the gardens turning out 😊. I’m feeling really happy at the minute and things are going well. But it’s always on the back of my mind that will I plummet into a depression again as things are too good to be true? Or should i embrace and enjoy everything what’s happening a the moment?  



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