Amazing weekend times 

today myself and my boyfriend went to the garden centre with my parents to get the remaining plants and trees for our garden. And then my boyfriend and I spent the afternoon getting the weeds out of the borders and flower beds and i removed and re planted the plants that will need a bigger growing space in spring. So happy with how our garden is coming together. We have a new bbq coming next week too hoping that the weather improves for the bank holiday weekend so we can use it if not indoor party will be just as good. Now enjoying a snugly evening watching lion king drinking martini and eating m and Ms! Lovely cosy night! Tomorrow morning mam and dad are coming to help us plant the heavier shrubs in the garden. Then I’m looking forward to seeing the future in laws for sudsy lunch at there house haven’t seen them for few weeks so it will be nice to catch up, but it’s scary how quickly the summer holidays are coming to a end and I will soon have to do some lesson planning! Hmm maybe not just yet! 😕 hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are in the middle of a thunderstorm here, I’m not a scaredy cat in the thunder I quite like it as it doesn’t happen that much here but we sure get our fair share of rain! Take care all and enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned 😀 x


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