Thursday the third day?! No! film morning with my cousin and pooch times 

this morning my cousin came over for coffee and we watched the Shaun the sheep movie which is brilliant never laughed so much in a while. It’s unbelievable how many hours must go in to making all the plaster figure fantastic talent. Then this afternoon I picked Nellie up from Mams and dads as I’ve decided I leaned her for a stop over. I’ve been out for two lovely walks with her and been playing with her throwing her balls etc. she always puts a smile on my face, she gets spoilt rotten. Don’t get to spend much time with her with having my own house now and she’s with mam and dad so I make the most of it when I see her. Feeling ridiculously tired the last few hours, don’t get how some days I feel great and then the next day sluggish. I have been on the go a lot today though so that’s maybe why I don’t know. Don’t think I will ever fully understand bipolar. 


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