Monday 1 day Tuesday 2 day Wednesday the what day?!

the above saying reminds me of Joey from friends when he counts the days on his fingers. Never too old to appreciate friends still love it to this day. Today’s been a great day got up early did an hours Zumba exercise watching Zumba videos on YouTube and dancing along in the lounge really enjoyed it. I then finished off one of my creative colouring pictures. Decided to go and pay Nanna and grandad a visit at lunch time and stayed with them all afternoon 😊. Love my grandparents so much they mean more than words can express. Been worried about my Nanna lately as she has recently had a bad fall and broke some of her ribs and it’s made her really out of sorts and it takes a lot to stop my Nanna from being busy or complain but she’s been saying how much pain she’s in and therefore it must be terrible. She always puts herself before anyone else but sow times she’s the one who needs some Tlc and steps if quality time today with both my grandparents will of meant a lot to them. I found a free online speech therapy course this afternoon which was amazing loads of useful facts, videos real life case studies and research and resources. Along wit activities to test your knowledge and understanding along the way. And even a certificate at the end! Brilliant! Definitely one to add to the portfolio and CV. Have had a lovely night with my boyfriend making tea together and enjoying watching the great British bake off together! Won’t be long until bed time now. Looking forward to tomorrow morning my cousin is coming over for coffee and a catch up so that will be nice then I’m picking Nellie up to have overnight as I miss taking her for walks and spending time with her so that will be lovely and she’ll get spoilt rotten as usual. Things are going pretty well at the minute feeling quite positive and content at the moment. Long may it last, hope you readers out there we doing okay. If anyone needs any advice or anything please feel free to leave a comment and I will try and help. 

Link to friends Joey counting the days:


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