Recovery is my daily reminder that I’m a walking, talking, breathing miracle! 

  Sometimes we need days where we don’t do a great deal and its sometimes a good opportunity to reflect on the positive  things you have done recently so here’s some of mine:

1. I managed to go back to work part time.

2. I openly disclosed with the people I felt I needed to why I had been absent and how my recovery may take time.

3. I started to gain my self confidence and professionalism at work when serif the children reach their expectations and targets that I set them in speech therapy.

4. I joined a recovery course and took part in a bipolar disorder cause which taught me coping strategies, signs and symptoms to look out for, people who I can go to for advice, I learnt a lot about the role of medication.

5. Going to the colleague slowly built my self confidence and self esteem back up which got aaddive hitting when I had my severe depression episode just before my initial assessment. I’ve met one friend who suffers bipolar himself that I know will be my friend for life and I have a lot of admiration and respect for this person. It’s amazing how well you can get to know someone in only a matter of months feels like he’s been in my life forever. 

6. Pushing myself to be involved in new opportunities, I’m trying to get involved in Zumba, cycling and joining the gym it’s proving difficult at the moment due to lethargy constantly because of the sedative in my medication but I need to push myself harder and get up and go. 

7. I managed to go and enjoy a big organised 21st birthday and I wasn’t anxious or worried whilst I was there, this was a massive achievement. I wouldn’t of been able to even comprehend going only a few weeks ago! So I’m certainly proud of myself for this achievement.

8. Biggest goal at the minute is searching for speech therapist assistant jobs as I have now come to terms with the fact that my lovely job at a local primary school isn’t secure due to financial difficulties so therefore it’s time to broaden my horizons and look for opportunities elsewhere. I am waiting to see if I’ve been shortlisted for interview for a post I applied for recently.
When I look back over the points I have made, some of the points se little and silly, but actually they all play a significant part in my recovery story and actual no action is ever silly in the road recovery, every individual has there own unique story. I like yo think of my recovery story as a painting, it may not of been painted yet, but even if someone had the same ideas for there picture as me, there picture would never be the same, as everyone will paint a different picture unique to themselves. 

Today’s been a good day and I hope it has been for you, keep going 😊


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