Monday came round again and I wasn’t ready for it! 

Had to be up at ridiculous o clock as I had an appointment at the hospital to see a consultant about my jaw. Turns out that with all the stress anxiety and tension I’m putting added pressure on my jaw muscles. So now it is in a constant tense and chewing hard food is very painful. With all the prodding and poking today the pain is agony. But I have to admit yes there’s been pain when I’ve been eating different things but I’ve just battled through as I’m not really sure which painkillers or anti inflammatory I can have that doesn’t interact to my bipolar medication. The consultant was very kind reassuring and understanding. I’m a teeth grinder at night and tens my teeth during the day on stressful situations. During the day can be dealt with in a fashion but at night unless my boyfriend kicks me to pack it in I have to continue wearing the rotten mouth guard. I’m going to me getting physio so hopefully this will relieve some of the tension the pain goes into my ear which is probably why I’ve had so much ear infections when in fact it’s been my ear plus jaw pain and I’ve never been aware of it just put it down to horrible ear ache. Glad that my dentist found my jaw wasn’t on alignment. This was checked again today and clicked back into place which was horrendous. So I haven’t eaten an awful lot since getting home. Ice cream for lunch and fish fingers and beans for tea which wasn’t too bad. Hopefully the pain will settle down overnight. On another note I’m getting a bit bored that it’s the holidays and none of my friends or my boyfriend has any time off to go out on days out or catch up etc. there’s only so much I can physically do in the house all day. I’m looking forward to my boyfriend and I signing up to the gym shortly as my bipolar medication is making me gain a lot of weight but the sedative part is making me really lethargic but I’m going to have up be more head strong and tell myself it’s for my own good and well being to do some exercise and I need to stick to it. But until it’s pay day I’m going to get out on my bike as the weathers good for biking at the moment and I’m going to call and take mam and dads dogs out, even though Nellie is more my dog 😊. Hoping the pain gets better overnight. Hope you’ve all had a good Monday. Take care! 


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