Sun, plants, sofa and snuggles Sunday 

today has been a lovely day. My boyfriend and I went to the garden centre and worked out the type of plants we want for the remains borders as flower beds in the garden. We have done pretty well finding out information, names of plants and flowering times etc on our own and felt quite proud when the shop assistant nodded with approval at different things we were saying about what we thought we knew and what we wanted 😊. God we’re getting old and sensible lol. Then came home and  I spent a lovely just chilling out doing some of my creative colouring book which is so therapeutic and enjoyable. It just makes me very relaxed and eases any worries I have whilst I’m giving all my attention to making the blank patterns on the page look colourful and bold. It’s becoming a very pleasant past time. Spent evening watching friends episodes and don’t tell the bride which I love. Having a early night tonight though as I have a hospital appointment at 9am so means leaving house at 8, so I must get up at 7! In the holidays this is not an acceptable time to get up! Oh well needs must. Hope everyone has had a good weekend. 

Night all 


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