Insomnia I am sick of you 

I feel so tired,

And I go to bed,

The pillow all fluffed up ready foru head.

But as I lay down and feel relaxed, my mind starts churning thoughts and dreds

Questions. Scenarios. Places. People. Holidays. Friends. Family. Does anyone actually like me? Who is the real me? What doe the real me want to do with her life? Which of my loved ones know which is me and which is my bipolar me! Do my close friends know that when I accidentally say hurtful things that sometimes it’s the bipolar talking? 

What does my boyfriend really think of me, what was the girl like that he fell in love with 6 years ago, am I still that same girl or have I changed?

Does any one recognise that I am trying my best constantly up please people and to look after my family. I put so much effort into my job does anyone realise? And recognise the progress that children are making?

If I’m taking sleeping tablets at night at a high dosage, why am I still struggling to sleep!?

So many questions and situations unanswered. 

So for now I will end my blog and try once more to get to sleep


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