Moderate Monday 

today’s been a good day. I tied the house of the weekends remains of dust and crumbs in the kitchen and other rooms. Dad called unexpectedly for coffee and a chat which was lovely 😀, I then made my way to wolsingham to a gift shop I’ve heard a lot of people talk about but I’ve never visited before. It’s mostly shabby chic things and it’s just brilliant I could of easily bought the shop outright if 1. I could afford it and 2. I could afford it still! I managed to get a family friend something for her 21st which I’ve been struggling to find, I got her a necklace, bracelet and ring all a matching set there beautiful and very modern hoping she likes them. I treat myself to a shabby chic jug, I’ve been wanting one for a while for my kitchen to put flowers in. I love having flowers in the house it’s a nice pick me up and flowers always make be feel good. I also got myself a candle, I love candles too Iike to make my own candles but have had to stop for the time being as all the materials get costly and I need to start saving money for Christmas, I know it’s still a while off but like to know I have savings to be able to buy loved ones nice presents. Anyway…

The candle I chose is summer and prosecco it smells incredible I love it 😍. 

Happy Monday  



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