Thursday tidy day 

so today I spent most of the day cleaning the house. We have my boyfriends brother and girlfriend staying this weekend so I wanted everything spotless. Went a bit OTT and cleaned each surface and floor twice can’t say I didn’t make an effort lol! The guest room is ready and I have fresh bedding and towels put out will put smellies out nearer the time 😊, I then went on the garden and pulled all the dead heads out to give the flowerbeds a general tidy up its a shame to see the flowers beginning to die back now, but just means the opportunity is there to go and purchase autumn flowers! The effort I put into making my house look beautif is worth it but it knocked the life out of me this afternoon. I’m still feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus with these medications so unbelievably drowsy and my heads in a whirl and constant state of headache/ dizziness I’m going to give it until Monday so it has chance to get into my systems but I’m not overly optimistic that the medication is agreeing with. Hoping to have an induction session at a gym next week which will hopefully give me an enjoyable new hobbit to go to, will get me out and about and will make me feel better about my body hopefully, as I hate how much weight I’m putting on lately down to the stupid daily medication cocktails. Watching one of my all time fave films as I type this blog, you’ve got mail! Never tire of watching this film! Hope you have had a good Thursday, take care all x


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