Weak Wednesday 

so since I’ve had to increase the meds to 300mg which started yesterday morning, 100mg morning and 200mg night I have felt so weak, legs and muscles feel like jelly and my head is in a constant spinning dizziness and my thoughts seem to be racing again. Feeling exhausted through the day, yesterday was tough as I was at the hospital all day with my family member and lighting is draining and tired some as it is. I am starting to fall into that awful trap of having a few hours sleep on a afternoon. Although no body has ever told me not to do so. Sleeping on a night is impossible despite feeling exhausted, but then my partner gets up to go to work says goodbye kisses my forehead and says I love you and then i turn over and fall asleep for a few hours. These few hours on the morning seem to be my time of deep sleep and when I wake up from just them few hours I generally feel quite good. I will have my breakfast as get changed and once I have had my shower as far got ready my energy levels plummet again! I don’t know if this is thyroid related, or medication related? It’s certainly not made up, it’s real and family keep saying I look completely run down and really pale all the time. But I am pushing myself to go out walking for at least half an hour or do something active as another thing is the Wright is just piling on! We eat healthily we don’t have big portions and we don’t eat many treats as we have a lot of fruit in. I’m going to speak to my nurse about the increase of weight as its horrible it’s not like I’m sitting about doing nothing I’m always on the go. I’m going to join a gym which is just a payment per month no contract so if I got sick I don’t have to pay any extra, the one I’ve been looking at does some good classes from what I can see, so that might give me the motivation I need and gives me the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. But at the minute it’s difficult to say when I will go as I’ve been told to avoid exercise at the minute with how I’m feeling. Feel like I just can’t win to be honest. I’m trying to better myself but keep having restriction put in the way and I feel like I don’t have control of my own life surely it should be me that can make decisions of what I do and when. Nurses and doctors see a small part of the person I am for about 30 mins every fortnight and are convinced they know the ins and outs of your life. That’s not right at all there’s things I still don’t know about my boyfriend or my family and they’ve been part of my life for years. I think a lot of professionals automatically presume if your diagnosed with something you for a certai box of symptoms and need a certain type of treatment but don’t take into consideration that everyone is unique and have different symptoms and different coping strategies. In my own mind I don’t feel well at all and I can only be thankful that now is the summer break and hopefully I start improving before the next school year. Things can only get better surely?! 


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