insomnia round 2…

Insomnia strikes again…

Recently my sleep had been much better than it had been and I was sleeping from going up to bed till the next morning like I used to a long time ago. But since Saturday the insomnia has struck again and I’m just awake most of the night despite feeling exhausted. This weekend it could be down to worrying that the boyfriend was away on a stag do and I hoped he was ok, my best friend is away on a Europe trip and wondering if she’s okay and safe and well and worrying about the family member in hospital I think this combination of worry, stress and anxiety has been playing over Nd over like a cd song stuck on repeat. My mind has been trying to work overtime trying to find answers to my worries but being left in a kanundurum. My family member is home from hospital now but is still quite poorly butane least recovering at home is better than trying to recover in hospital. It is my grandparents wedding anniversary today which is something my Nanna and I laugh about cos my boyfriend and I first started dating 6 years ago on the 2nd which again is another freakishly close link to my grandparents anniversary and a similarity to my Nanna. I don’t think I’m in a particularly good place bipolar wise atm I’m getting emotional regularly during the day for no reason that I can particularly pin point. In conversations I use my temper quickly and blow things out of proportion I am really worried about the future of my job also due to the fact the school is under great financial difficulties. But when I look for jobs there doesn’t appear to be a lot in our area just now but I will keep on looking. 

Anyway today is almost over and i need to try get some sleep night 


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