6 years anniversary 

apologies for not posting for a few days been a busy weekend. Today marks my boyfriend and i’s 6 years anniversary of when we officially became a couple! I can’t believe it’s 6 years already, we have had some amazing times together. But we had also had a lot of battles to get through together, particularly over the last few months since my bipolar diagnosis. But it just shows how true love lasts 😀. I couldn’t wish for a greater boyfriend I love him beyond words. Yes I know it’s a soppy blog but i don’t post stuff like this everyday so a one off is fine 😜. He’s been away on a stag do this weekend so I’ve missed him loads. Looking forward to going out for a nice meal and few drinks tonight to celebrate our anniversary. This weekend has been particular tough as a family member is in hospital so we waiting for information from doctors and going to visit today as soon as we get the okay to do so. The anniversary celebrations can be put on hold if need be family always comes first. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, take care and enjoy yourselves. 


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