Today’s the day

well today is my interview day I have mixed emotions, I’m excited  I’m nervous I’m wondering whether I’m good enough to get the job, I’m scared I panic and can’t answer the questions. I feel so lethargic today could easily snuggle back under the duvet and go back to sleep. However I do have a inbuilt message somewhere telling me go girl fight what the job you can do it just do your best. I’m just worried if they ask about why I have had a big sickness record from my previous job but I will just be honest about my diagnosis and how it’s controlled by medication and that hopefully there will be no severe times that will require time off in the future. I also hope that they don’t hold this against me for whatever reason as I have heard some of the good companies do that but don’t make that out to the interviewee they just come out with  sorry but we have someone we think is more suitable to the job, that’s discriminating and is one of the lpwest and demoralising things that could be said to anyone. I feel I cover all the requirements of the job I guess now it’s just down to how I do in the interview, trying to remain calm and distracting myself by having the TV on or music on in the background trying hard not to overthink things, easier said than done. Anyway that’s pretty much all I can right until after the interview. Enjoy your Thursday x


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