i haven’t posted on here for a while as things have been very busy. I have enjoyed a lovely weekend at the Lake District with my cousins. It’s such a peaceful, beautiful and tranquil place. Wouldn’t mind living there actually. We went to Beatrix potter museum together which was amazing! Went on a dinner cruise with live music travelling lake windermere that was stunning incredible views and beautiful houses and mansions to just be in ore at. Had a great night out clubbing which I haven’t done on goodness I don’t know how long and didn’t have any hangover the next day which is an added bonus. On the Sunday went for afternoon in the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen which has looked out over the lake just wonderful. However I did not sleep one bit over the weekend which left me running on empty and today I did not wake up until 2pm good jobs it’s the summer holiday and I didn’t have to go in to work would have totally missed my alarm call I think! Obviously needed the sleep though. Things are a bit difficult at the moment and there’s some difficult decisions to make without hurting people in the process. I am going to go out more with friends and live my life the way i should I’m only 27 and I feel like I’m housebound half of the time which probably isn’t doing a great deal for my mental well being either. So I wl begin taking baby steps towards going out more and enjoying myself and try not to overthink things have a positive outlook on life rather than negative, life has its ups and downs, but I’m also a great believer that things happen for a reason, and the decisions that i make are the right decisions and I shouldn’t feel guilty about things that I do or think too hard about the past. I have to live for the moment enjoy myself and be thankful of the friends and supportive family I have around me and the amazing best friend I have made in the last couple of months that feels like I have known for a life time, would be lost without him and I love and respect him so much! We have been through very similar things but have both come out the other side with confidence, strength, ambitions, hopes and dreams and great admiration for each other 😊 meeting on the same course for the same reasons and having very similar experiences is very weird as though it’s a sign that things will get better but that this person will remain in my life for life, that the friendship and relationship is destined to be. I would like to hope so. I have never liked confrontation and arguments with people but I do believe sometimes it is necessary, I am learning that if there’s things that are worrying me or that I need to share to say them regardless of the consequences being honest and upfront has always been something I’ve done and will continue to do. It’s strange the paths and obstacles that are put in front of you and there’s certainly things that come along to test your feelings and dreams without a doubt and although at the moment I feel like I’m stuck in knee deep quick sand, I will find a way to get out to cope to make the decision and to choice the correct path to where I want to be! 

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi Alee,

    I like reading your blog. It came up on google. I think I might be bi-polar. I have a question that I’d like to ask about what you did early on. My Facebook is
    I’d prefer to ask you the question in private but if you don’t want to Facebook me I inderstand. Just looking for some help.
    Keep writing your blog 🙂
    Anna x


    1. Thank you for your message and I have often felt like no one reads my blog but it’s good to hear that someone has I do hope that it is helping someone. My email is bipilarbuddies5388@gmail.com I would prefer not to give out my f book at the moment but perhaps we can exchange that in time please do contact me on my email and I will do my best to help, talk soon and take care!


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