Mm Monday 

no body enjoys the Monday morning alarm, and it’s always a case of 5 mins longer. There was a time when my alarm used to go off and I was straight out of bed and getting ready no problem at all now it’s really really difficult. I’m lucky to only work one full day then the rest half days but by the end of my full day on a Monday you could knock me down with a feather, I’m that shattered. I still can’t work out why my energy is so bad, I’m eating healthily, I’m drinking much more water, I’m doing a bit more exercise now I know I need to do more exercise but when I come home so weak is it even a good idea to try doing any exercise, I don’t think it is. And the psychiatrist said just do walking and light exercise until my medication had time to take effect. I do a lot of walking into everyday job but I enjoy walking in the countryside too so hoping to get out and about more over summer. Bike riding as well I hope love bike riding. My boyfriend and I got a huge surprise when we got in from work my dad had finished putting turf and a gravelled path and bbq area in our garden. The garden is starting to look so stunning just need some shrubs and plants for the borders and then the guests can join us for summer parties. I’m so greats il to have such a lovely helpful family around me I would be truly lost with out themy dad and grandad have done most of the work in the garden and  not just saying it because it’s my own but Alan titchmarch couldn’t of planned andads the garden any nicer! They’re very special people my dad and grandy love them so much! 

So the mountain of speech and language resources is now all laminated! Mini Mexican wave to me and I just have the glorious job of cutting and putting into individual game packages tomorrow which again will probably take all day! This seemed like a great idea when I started as all the resources can be reused but my god what a long task i have set myself! But I will do it it will all be done by Wednesday afternoon in time for breaking up for summer holiday 😊 grandy Nanna and my cousin Matthew came over for coffee and to see the garden tonight which was nice so had a nice chat with them. I put out my first lot of bird feed and water on the bird feeder and it’s sad but I can’t wait to see the first bird entering the garden hoping it might be tomorrow morning whilst sat having breakfast!  😊 anyhow I’m starting to fall asleep think it’s time for bed!  



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