Moderate Monday 

This afternoon was certainly the best part of my day. This week the SLT Team from communication trust are putting on live webinars for practioners to watch and found out information. Today was about a pilot programme that is being trialed in primary schools with oustanding results, the speaker gave me some useful websites to look into as well as some research ideas to follow up. I am interested in all things speech and language related particularly that’s linked to early childhood or primary aged children. According to speech therapist who come to check my work occasionally I am going beyond my call of duty as a speech therapist assistant and I am doing practically the same job as a speech therapist just without the piece of paper stating that I am registered speech therapist. Many people keep saying to me that I am doing a fantastic job and the progression that the children are making does show that I am doing something right, but for me it’s not about personal recognition, it’s about my passion and love for helping others and it’s the personal achievements that they make with improving their speech and language that makes me very proud of them and makes the job very worthwhile. There are free webinars running all this week so I’m looking forward to find out more vital research and learn about more resources. 

I have a lot of reading to do it seems, but it’s all worth it 😊, from the bipolar point of view I’m still feeling so letheragic and I’m drinking loads of water at the minute because my throat feels so dry and quite saw a side effective of the medication apparently. I don’t honestly think that any amount of sleep with make me feeling less tired. The lethargy seems embedded now and like everyday, lethargy is just the way it is, tough luck I’m still with it! 

I hope everyone has had a good start to the week whatever you have spent your Monday doing 😊



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