The weekend 

this weekend has been a good for me. Saturday I had my grandad and dad round to do some more planning and preparation on our garden. And I had a look out for an hour or so with mam and got a new outfit and some new sandals 😊, then late afternoon we were invited to the neighbours garden party, which was amazing, and I didn’t drink a thing due to my meds but I didn’t need to, my boyfriend and I are very fortunate to have such lovely neighbours and we are becoming quite close friends wish is great 😊, I was very worried about going originally but knew that if I felt tired or uncomfortable I could go home, but once I was there after a while I felt okay. Today however have felt absolutely exhausted and haven’t done a great deal all day, apart from a few odd jobs and made dinner for this evening. But I guess sometimes you just need a day of relaxation so that your body has time to relax and repair its self. It’s not long till the summer holidays now so I’m going to try my best to keep going at work which is a struggle for me at the moment, I think the new meds are starting to take some effect though as I am now sleeping a lot better which has to be a good thing going from not sleeping practically at all for a few weeks and the symptoms I was beginning to have because of lack of sleep were not pleasant. Some of these symptoms still remain, nightmares are happening frequently at the moment and there’s been times where I’m sat bolt right in bed crying my eyes out and saying things but I’m that deep in whatever is happening that my boyfriend calming me down has no effect it’s as though I can’t hear or react to him at all during these times and it scares me quite a lot as he doesn’t like to see me suffering. Other than these things going on there’s other symptoms that I am keeping close to my chest but they aren’t so pleasant either but day by day now I can see little baby steps of progress and I have a hope now in believing that it may be the start to recovery and having less symptoms and being able to mama he my bipolar but I’m not 100% convinced just yet. So Monday is my full day at work and tomorrow should be a good day as I’m taking part in a speech and language webinar on the morning and then have an afternoon of one to one speech therapy support which I just love, I particularly enjoy Monday’s as I get to teach 2 of the junior children speech and language and these children where on reception class when I first started working at the school now 5 years later it is great to see there progression and how well they are now doing with there speech and language they just need minimal support on certain aspects which is great 😊 I hope everyone has had a good weekend. 



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