Therapy Thursday 

today start to the say wasn’t good took me hours to force myself out of bed not getting up till 10, and my boyfriend left at 8 for his work. Anyway work this afternoon was more productive and I decided to use the take to make speech and language resources ready for the new academic year in September this was not the easiest task I set my self there’s over 25+ sounds in English language and I want a game and resource game made and completed as much as I could by the end of today. I got most of them completed have about 6 to do tomorrow but I was quite proud of my effort and I feel happy that I’m already getting organised for September it will mean that in the 6 weeks summer holidays I won’t have to worry about work and I can relax and just take time to recover and recuperate. This week seems to have gone pretty quick and the weekend is nearly here again which is always a bonus 😊, I found the picture below at the beginning of the week and my speech therapy kids just love it and giggle at it hope it makes you smile too, happy Thursday 😊



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