1st of July 

so today the weather here has been unbearably humid and muggy! Then this afternoon we had the most amazing thunderstorm that we have had for ages, but it hasn’t cooled the air down at all just yet. Maybe there will be another thunderstorm tonight to calm the air a bit.

I often which emotions and feelings were like this where you have a feeling of brain fog and mugginess and sometimes all you need is to release the inbuilt thunderstorm to make things temporarily okay again! I am struggling a lot at the minute my medication keeps increasing regularly yet I am still a bit up and down and don’t know how I will be from day to day, it’s the lethargy and uncontrollable emotions and irrationality that are really upsetting me at the moment. Ever little thing that I do seems like a huge effort and I get incredibly upset if I don’t manage to achieve what I see out to do particularly at work. At home I’m trying to keep on top of all the weekly and daily jobs but it’s really difficult. I just wish there was just something that could make things better and for me not to feel like a living zombie and just somehow making through a day at work seems like I managed to survive a survival camp or something. I’m sure there’s others that will feel exactly the same as me from time to time. I do find it really difficult to put in to words how I am feeling but I hope it kinda makes sense and people can relate it. If anyone has any tips on how to improve things that would be really helpful! Until tomorrow bye for now!  



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