Monday’s come round again

well this morning I was larger than life considering we didn’t get home from Glasgow until 5 then up again for work at 7. I was doing PE lessons at work all morning and I was joining in with everything had a great time God knows where all the energy came from! Then after lunch I crashed but it didn’t matter so much as I was doing speech assessments which meant I could sit and listen quietly to the children as they answered the questions on the screen and recording there responses. 

After work to be honest all I wanted to do was go home and staying in I was so exhausted and was getting really emotional and crying on my way home for no know reason again I hate it when I have no reason for the sudden on burst of years! But anyway we had been invited to Nanna and grandads for tea, so had to waken myself up a bit, we stayed for a little while after tea but made our apologies to go home as we are all just absolutely shattered but my shattered is quite different to overs as I have the extra bipolar symptoms to go alongside it! Not a good combination! I feel an early night and hopefully sleeping and not struggling with sleep might be what’s called for tonight.

I love the quotation on this picture one of my favourites 



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