Glasgow weekend

quite excited to be setting off soon to go to Glasgow for the weekend. There’s 10 of us going to see acdc tomorrow night. My boyfriend is driving us today as I wouldn’t have the concentration or alertness to drive us there. The hotel we are staying at looks nice from the website pictures and reviews. Meeting up hopefully will family and friends at 1 all being well with the traffic. I slept reasonably well last night but exhaustion has already kicked in and it’s only nearing 10am have no idea how I’m going to manage this weekend but going to give everything my best shot. I obviously won’t be drinking anything because of my meds but everyone else will be but I’m sure I can have just as much fun without any alcohol. Plus I never drank much before I was put on meds anyway so it’s pretty regular for me anyhow. Going to try power nap in the car to hopefully boost my energy for this afternoon. But if I feel tired later I’m not going to push myself to see all the sites that others may see. My boyfriend and I will do things at our own pace as he knows as well as me my limitations to what I can do! I’m not the girl that can do everything will all the energy and charisma like I used to have. 

Any way have a good weekend all x


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