Thursday part 2

so work today was much better than yesterday. I felt more focused and I could give the kids I was working with my full attention. I was able to carry out speech sound assessments on two children which has highlighted areas of weakness and I know which they need to work on next. Perhaps the large coffee from Starbucks drive in before work switch the attention and motivation switch temporary to on! Shame I can’t afford Starbucks coffee everyday, just an occasional treat. After the sessions finished and I had time to write up the sessions and plan for tomorrow exhaustion took over and I actually think I fell asleep trying to type up some work one minute it was 3:15 next minute it was 3:50 and almost time for me to finish work. Was pretty lucky I was working in a room on my own and no one noticed. Tomorrow I am working until 2pm then I have chance to pack ready for our weekend away to Glasgow we are going to see acdc on Sunday which I am looking forward to, I just hope I start feeling a bit better and that I don’t get too anxious in the crowds at the concert. I’m hoping everything goes okay. 

I’m hoping today is the start that things are starting to pick up again here’s hoping!

The never ending roller coaster of bipolar up down up down! 🎢


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