Having a down down down night, boyfriends home I should be happy, he’s exhausted so he come in dumped his bags said hi, wrote his fathers dat card went to his parents for tea and I went. He fell asleep from us getting there till when I thought we owt to just leave! All I wanted was a few cuddles a few conversations with my loved one, and I’m feeling like shit, my mams friend who’s just lost her husband came for coffee, and the conversations we had we really emotional and quite difficult but we still shared fond memories too! Then went to see grandad and Nanna, and got upset when I was walking Nellie as it was really windy and sweeping from both side and make my ear pain throbbing worse so spent most of that walk in tears. I spent the whole day practically cleaning yesterday to make the house spotless which tbh I like it lovely and tidy anyway but with having Nellie it’s not as lean as usual! Then all the washing drying and ironing. But I think boys think the magic house fairy does all this stuff! And my cousin who stayed over last night knew that I was emotional and that I was just getting so sick of the pain but trying to put on a brave face! That brave face is getting less convincing day by day! Tomorrow will be manic up a 6 shower walk Nellie then breakfast 7:30 hopefully drop Nellie off at Mams so Nanna can look after her while I’m at work, work all day, pick Nellie up head hope make tea , make nellies tea, walk, do leftover ironing, sit chill for maybe an hour, and get arm cramp from throwing dog ball and tug toys! That day probably seems nothing to u but if you broke them doing to the nitty gritty the in between every day things we have to do it’s often these I struggle with the most!

I’m finding it hard to work out, who am I. Am I bipolar Alicia and what is she like or am I Alicia just having some pretty hectic days?! 


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