Cousin catch up times 😊

I haven’t posted for a day or so

So I thought I would do a quick update. Pain wise things are starting to ease thanks to über strong painkillers. Coping a little bit more and trying to come to terms with hearing loss! Not much else I can do honestly! I have my mam and dads dog this weekend to look after, love her to bits, she’s keeping me company as my boyfriend is away camping this weekend, in the horrible rain 😒 really looking forward to tonight having my lil cousin, who isn’t so little anymore 18! How did that even happen seems like to mins ago I was teaching her her abc’s lol. So we are going to have s girlie night, takeaway, choccie, films, face masks and nails done, crazy hair styles and gossip! I can’t wait I think I truly need a night like this and hopefully it will help take my mind off everything that’s going on! My cousin is my brave little star I love her so much, she has been through a lot herself being an amputee since 2 year old! As she’s getting older things might get tough relationship wise but I will be there to support he and stick up for her whenever she needs me, I never want anyone to take advantage of her! She’s a beautiful girl, and I admire he ability to just get on with life despite all the difficulties and challenges she has on a daily basis! Very lucky indeed to have such a special girl in my life 😊

Family are precious and we should treasure them dearly! 



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