What’s broken can always be fixed…

Anyone that knows me well and gets to know will know that I love giraffes I wouldn’t say I have an obsession and collect millions of giraffe things but I have a select few and my dream would be to do an African Safari and see them in their own natural environment rather than at a zoo.

I’m devastated that one of my favourite ornaments has fallen off the windowsill and smashed whilst I was out with my friend this morning. My mam and dad bought be it for Christmas a few years ago. It’s two giraffes that entwine together and it means a lot to me for many reasons. So I became very upset to add one of them damaged. I have managed to find the parts that had smashed and it’s a clear cut smash so it can easily be glued back together and fixed. Although it will be the same ornament, in one way it will “never” now be the same again, but it will hold the same memories. 

I guess my life is a bit like that there’s been many events that have knocked me down and shattered me into a million emotional pieces, sometimes I could emotionally and subconsciously glue myself back together and carry on as though everything was okay and everything was fixed. But actually just like the giraffe never be the same again. I’m the same person with memories that don’t just fade away and the good memories are amazing but the bad memories don’t just fade away, if only they would…



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