Today’s happy moment 

I needed to share my “happy” moment of today:

Whilst walking into the town centre of the beautiful city of Durham, I was on my way to grab a coffee before starting the mindfulness course, there was a man setting up a fruit and veg stall at the side of the road, which is there every Wednesday. He was struggling to carry loads of boxes at once. So I asked him if he would like a hand, he looked at me as though I had just given him a million pounds, he said “yes I would love a hand, do you know there’s hundreds of people walk past this stall every week and some look down their noses at me some snigger remarks and shout that I should get a real job, but I try to be upbeat and put on a smile to everyone, but there’s never been anyway that’s ever noticed that I was struggling and needed a helping hand.” So I helped the man carry some boxes and he thanked me and I said no problem, I then made my way to the coffee shop and bought myself a takeout coffee but I also bought one for the fruit and veg man, again he couldn’t believe how kind I had been, and said I could help myself to anything from the stall for my kindness, so I reluctantly took an apple. I didn’t want thanks or acknowledgment I just did what o thought was the right thing to do, but actually I did get rewarded, I rewarded myself with the self gratification that I did a great dead and really brighten up that mans day, I hope that other people that walk past this man may also take the time to help him, sometimes our lives are so busy that we forget to notice things around us, but for taking just a few moments and perhaps being a little late for my course did not make any difference, because I acted what I felt was right in that moment in time! 


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