Tranquility picture? Or just a wave?

What do you see when you look at this?

Perhaps you see a mess,

But to me I see beautiful happiness,

Aqua and blue are my favourite colours,

And the make me feel calm relaxed and a ease,

Like a little feather blowing in the summer breeze 

The waves in a message also convey meaning to me.

Sometimes the waves are calm, like how we may also feel,

Sometimes the waves are rough, again how we may feel,

Sometimes the waves may be like the calm before the storm,

Sometimes we could look at the ocean and the waves seem like there gone,

But in this time are we doing okay are we plodding on,

Or does the wave when still, mean that you are also feeling emotionless.

But when you take time to think about the sea, the water flow never stops.

Imagine throwing a pebble into a river it makes a ripple grow bigger and bigger until it looks like it has stopped but it hasn’t stopped its joined the other water and has carried on.

In comparison to how we as humans feel maybe we need to be more like he ocean having the strength to carry on even if the waves get rough, or of its the calm before the storm, or maybe we may have so many ripples of events happening within one day of thoughts and mixed emotions that we are finding it difficult to carry on. But we must try and have the faith and determination to carry on!

It’s funny how one of my new found hobbies of colouring can shed a light on so many different thoughts I may have never had time to reflect on before. So do the waves mean anything to you?



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