Sunny Sunday’s but also a bit of Sunday sadness 

this morning was very difficult indeed on Thursday last week my family and I sadly lost one of our close friends. His wife came to mum and dads house for coffee and I couldn’t convey the words that I wanted to say to her perhaps cos I didn’t really know what to say, I gave her a huge hug and hugged her for a long time. I managed to write her a sympathy card as well but this was so unbelievably difficult to do. While she was there for coffee it was as though her husband was going to walk in and say what you lot looking so miserable about! In the humour way he was very good at! He will be sadly missed by myself and my family and I don’t think it has truly sunk in yet that he’s gone.

The rest of the day has been like most Sunday’s catching up with ironing getting clothes sorted for work, ensuring all my preparation and planning is done for work, making Sunday tea and now enjoying a quiet peaceful night with my fantastic boy! Sometimes life is cruel and unfair, and sometimes the best people in life are taking from our lives far to soon. But we must try and remain strong and carry on and know that one day we will meet all the special Angels that were taken far to soon and we can join in with them all again! 

I came across this beautiful picture today and it brought a happy smile to my face  



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