peaceful nights and relaxing Saturday mornings 

Yesterday went really well and I managed my first full day back at work since my mental health injury, and the day seemed to go by really quickly and it went great! 

Then I had a lovely chilled out evening on my own watching soaps, candles on, doing some mindfulness colouring pages, and some chocolate treats too. I had been told that I needed to have some sleeping tablets for a couple of days because I have had so many sleepless nights.

So I reluctantly took one last night by biggest worry was feeling drowsy in the morning which I can’t really feel if it’s a work day. However with it being the weekend it’s not so bad and last night I had a great sleep and I actually remembered my dreams, which is a definitive sign of deep restful sleep. However i am now up having breakfast and feeling still very sleepy but I guess this is okay having not slept for so long and then sleeping all night I kinda expected that I would feel like I need more sleep the next day and in truthfulness I probably do considering the amount of missed hours of sleep over the last couple of months!

So today’s plans taking time over the housework and then see how I feel this afternoon as to what I will do then. 
Hope you have a happy Saturday 😊


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