well I thoroughly enjoyed the first session of mindfulness as I felt quite sceptical of what it was all about and would it even work.

We took part in a couple of practices today one being the body scan mindfulness and the only way I can describe how it made me feel is at ease peaceful and relaxed I had no thoughts for anything else but o was thoroughly engrossed and focused on that moment in time and focused on the instructors voice who was telling us different instructions to carry out my body apart from head felt light and relaxed, but my head felt like a ton weight. When we had to explain how we felt within the group I explained how my head felt and the instructor had said this is because I’m currently under a lot of stress have a lot of negative thoughts and through mindfulness I will find ways of trying to manage these much more. 

It was fascinating we have been given different activities to practice at home so I will see how this all goes, but I’m starting to be more open minded and less sceptical about the whole thing.

I have found work this afternoon really challenging although I slept last night I still feel absolutely exhausted and mentally drained and I can’t wait to get back home this evening, I’m looking forward to the new series of long last families tonight, I love it when they are lucky to be reunited with there loved ones by boy do I cry but this mightn’t be a bad thing so I can let go of some unwanted emotion perhaps.

Today hasn’t been such a bad bipolar day.



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