Beginning to loose my sparkle

the glimmers and sparkles are starting to fade,

And I’m starting to feel very afraid.

I’m so mental drained,

And I don’t want to feel so mentally pained.

My arms and legs feel so week,

I don’t want things to start being bleak.

I’ve been doing so well,

I don’t want to become unwell.

I really want a pick me up,

To try and stop me feeling so rough,

I feel like I need a damn good cry,

But the tears only come when they want,

Tonight I’m going to try and chill,

Have a bubble bath,

Have my candles on which usually makes me at ease,

And candles always make me pleased.

Here’s hoping for a peaceful night and some break away for my down point.

I hope you’re all having a good day,

Maybe tomorrow may be my better day! 


5 thoughts on “Beginning to loose my sparkle

      1. im saying. andd yesss horrible, and when i do sleep my dreams usually wake me up. it sucks, but we will be fine one day! at least i hope so


      2. I really hope so! Thanks for your exercise comment earlier I’m not brave enough to go yet but maybe one day it’s one of my dreams to visit USA but with just getting a new house recently I think I will have to save a bit first! Ha 😊 x


      3. its not too fun, i bet the uk is better! haha ive been here for about 7 years, im from venezuela, its so different, but depending on where you want to go it gets better haha 🙂 anddd a new house is exciting!

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