You are my daily emotional roller coaster ride…

Your my daily emotional rollercoaster ride,It’s as though I willingly got on the rollercoaster but forget to get off!

You’re like a roller coaster that goes up and down laughing and smiling

one minute, to crying and yelling the next.

When the ride is running smooth, you are happy, excited and free.

When the ride breaks down, the brakes are put on and the ride is disabled.

You are frustrated, irritated and angry.

When the ride crashes, you check your seatbelt to make sure you are 

still strapped in and find you are overwhelmed, in crisis and in pain.

Once the ride is open again and the ride is back on track, you arehappy again to enjoy a few hours, moments or seconds of sanity and fun.
But does the ride ever truly end,

No it goes on in our minds over and over again,

Taking the same twists and turns,

The ups and the downs,

The screams of excitement,

Or the tears of sheer fright,

Sometimes you like the overwhelming height,

And feel like an angel floating in the night,

Are the feelings I feel really right,

I feel like I’m losing my self insight!

But I won’t be defeated I have my inner strength and my inner might!
I have ended my day with a lovely night catch with another one of my best friends,
It was so lovely to chat and share experiences and have giggles about different things,

Sometimes you need to make time for doing things like this,

Things that don’t cost a thing! 




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