Plans and organisation turned upside down, inside out and back to front 

I was reluctant to take mam and dads dog home after she’s stayed with us this weekend as my parents have been away my auntie has been looking after our puppy Ava. I took Nellie home before going to work and was due to pick Ava up from my aunties after work, I spent a lovely hour there chatting and having coffee with them, and mam and dad rang to say they are stuck in storms as flood and gale force winds and really struggling to stay home. So then it was decided a a would stay at my aunties and a extra night and Nellie was to stay at my house an extra night. So really going from work to my aunties was a waste of time. So then I wet to pick Nellie up and she was full of joy to see me and when I packed her things she knew exactly where she was going and was wagging her tails loads bless her!

So it means tomorrow I’m up at 7 to walk Nellie then take her to my parents house, then go and pick Ava up from my aunties and take her back to my parents. Then go to work, I don’t think I’m going to have time to breathe tomorrow going to be on the go none stop from getting up to going to bed more than likely! Well at least I’m kept out of mischief!

So tonight after unexpected changes I once again have the wonderful company of little Nellie, which is lovely. But it’s nice to finally sit down and actually have a rest! I have the added pleasure of my friend Emma visiting tonight and I’m looking forward to a good catch up, and I’m hoping after all this I may actually sleep well tonight or tomorrow I sense a zombified me!

I also spare a thought for my parents and friends who I hope are safe in the storm and get home safe and well, I hope there are stopping regularly if it’s too bad or even stay somewhere an extra night! The wind is so strong even here! Quite frightening! 

Above all I’m wishing my parents drive safely home from bonnie Scotland 😊


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