Another day, another way

today again I don’t feel great,

Like someone in my head has locked the gate.

I have a headache that feels like my brain is going to explode like a volcano,

I can’t understand why I am getting a lot of headaches these days I never used to suffer from headaches at all,

Perhaps it’s all the thoughts and emotions swimming through my head a million miles an hour.

I have dragged myself to go out for a walk with the dog,

But today I didn’t really notice my surroundings as my mind feels like a thick fog.

I am hoping that when I go to work this afternoon ,

That my motivation will pick up very soon,

The children I see and support with speech and language need to see me at my very best,

Even though all I feel I should do with is rest.

But the passion, enthusiasm and happiness the children portray,

Can often uplift a rather dull day.

So I will try to get by today step by step 

I like to have things to look forward to,

And tonight my best friends from comprehensive school is visiting tonight,

We don’t get to see each other not nearly enough,

Life seems to get in the way it’s always such a rush.

But when we meet up its always the same,

Like we’ve never been apart at all,

I love my friends so much!

They help me through the ups and downs,

And they no some days I may not be good to be around,

But it doesn’t seem to bother them they like to be there regardless,

Even if I am going through a period of darkness.

With my ongoing lack of sleep at the moment, my lethargy and my mood rising high then low, I’m getting increasingly worried that I’m starting to fall into depression again! And I’m not really sure how to stop it or what other signs I need to be aware of? I have expressed my concerns with my boyfriend and he’s keeping a close eye on me. I am finding it very helpful now that I have a daily blog it means that when I go and see my psychiatrist or doctor for a review they can see what I’ve been going through.

If there’s anyone that can advice on things to look for to try and prevent what I fear could be the onset of depression I would be in grateful I hope you day today is a “good” day.

This really expresses how I feel today erratic, irrational and very emotional all rolled in to one! And this is really not fun!!  


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