And so the storm begins…

the weather has changed all of a sudden today, the wind is very strong and I was certainly rocking the windswept look when I walked into work earlier. It’s now beginning to rain and the winds getting stronger. I don’t often think f book is a reliable source for information but there’s so many people saying there’s due to be a storm, I like thunder storm as it’s nice when they pass and the air clears! I often which my mind would like like this sometimes it’s okay to have a storm but then the air should clear! And things should become better.

I have had word from the doctor that my thyroid level is low and this is probably contributing massively to my fatigue and daily exhaustion but I have to wait for my lamotrigine level to come back to decide what to do next, I’m feeling more optimistic that if my thyroid level becomes stable with higher dose then my sleeping pattern may also improve? Unless indeed it is the bipolar and not the medication, I guess time will tell.

Speech therapy sessions have been amazing this afternoon with a focus on reasoning explanation vocabulary and verbal and written language the children where given a desert island picture and dome pictures cue cards they had to think about if they were stranded what would they take with them on to the island. 

The responses from different children differed greatly it was really interesting so I will leave you with that question for thought,

If you were on a desert island what would you take with you and why?


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