Today I don’t feel so “okay”


How am I feeling today?

Today I work up and I felt quite okay,

I felt quite upbeat and happy,

And thought that today could be a good day.

I am loving having my parents dog to look after, she means so much to me,

And she’s very good at trying to cheer up a somewhat miserable me.

I have just come back from a lovely walk, just myself and Nellie dog.

I was able to spend sometime looking at the beautiful surrounding,

Taking in the seasonal changes all around,

Listening to the birds and the faint other sounds,

It was quite bizarre that there was not a single person on my walk around.

I think I did some mindfulness as I concentrated on the here and now, in the sense where I focused on where I was walking, I thought about what o could see, and it made me feel at ease, and it was very peaceful.

However on my walk I began to feel exhausted and my energy seems to be fading,

I came back home,

And I just feel, “meh”

I feel so exhausted, 

My eyes feel like lead,

But there doesn’t seem anything particular worrying my head.

I think today needs to be a relaxing day.

Maybe I have a slight worry about return to work tomorrow after a weeks holiday?

But I don’t start work until the afternoon, 

So that should be okay.

All my preparation and activities are planned for the week, so I have no need to worry about this.

However I will check things over later, part of my organisational and slight OCD me.

I think I need to watch a good film and get lost within that, 

So now all that I need to do is choose which film to watch,

Perhaps a Disney film,

No one is ever too old to appreciate and love classical Disney films! 
I am also excited for my best friend coming over to visit later and to stay for Sunday tea 😊 it’s good to have so many supportive people in my life, and I think it’s truly helping my recovery. I get quite emotional when I think of individual people and the ways that they have each helped me in there own unique ways, something’s they do they might just do naturally but the way it helps me that might not even notice, but sometimes without them little things that they do, I wonder how I would feel?

I often think that there will be people out there that dot have people to turn too and even though I have a lot of people to turn too in times of need I can still relate to there pain! 

I hope that one day I can help those people, and help them realise that it’s not themselves to blame!

We are all unique, but very much not all the same! 


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