Sunny days and my best canine pal

well today has not quite gone to plan, we went to balloons and tunes festival and it was an absolute organised chaos people queuing in all directions of about 100 or more in each line! We soon turned round and chose something else to do! 

I am having an awful time with my sleep pattern I feel so tired when I go to bed but then I can lie there awake to gone 2 or 3 in the morning and I am not in anyway wanting to stay awake I just can’t.

I am getting so exhausted and my energy is really starting to lack! I am getting bit irraditable and emotional at times, but I don’t think it’s a depression episode coming on I just think there really needs to be some good sleep in my life right now!

Does anyone else have these problems, I was thinking it could be connected with my ears because they have been so bad, but some of my bipolar buddies are struggling with sleep as well, would love some tips and advice on this!

Looking forward to going for tea at future in laws tonight and taking Nellie with us so she can be spoilt by more people, today is a relatively “good” bipolar day! Hope you are having a good day to 😊


2 thoughts on “Sunny days and my best canine pal

  1. Absolutely with you on the sleep pattern thing. I work weird hours, so that”s already a problem. Insomnia just makes it unbearable some days. When it’s critical I get sleep, I take sleeping pills (Unisom Gels for me; my insomniac friend was prescribed trazadone after over-the-counter meds didn’t work). If possible, getting into a reliable sleep pattern will help. If you can train your body “it’s time to sleep now,” it’ll ease the issue a little.

    Also, if part of your problem is thinking too much, I find talk radio helps, because then I’m not thinking about whatever is keeping me awake.

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    1. I’m trying very much the thinking of its time to sleep, music may be a good one to try actually! I’m reluctant at the moment to take further medication and would try to sleep naturally if I can but I may have to consider sleeping pills if no improvement thanks again 😊 x


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