College and dogs

  1. Today has been a great day! My ears are still very bad, but I have just tried to carry on. I went to the recovery college and did a one to one overview of CHIME factors a very good tool to support recovery. I then had a good chat with the college manager who was my first cpn nurse years ago, she is still very supportive and I have the upmost respect and appreciation for what she has done for me, and I’m hoping to do volunteering work in the college and some peer support work for service users. I then had the pleasure of picking up my dog lodger for the weekend Nellie mam and dads dog, but she’s always been my dog, when I lived at home she was like my shadow and tonight it’s like having her back again and I love it. She is getting spoilt rotten but she’s worth it.

Hoping for a weekend of good weather, nice walks out, hopefully attending the balloon festival at moddlesborough, and catching up with my friend on Sunday. Lots to look forward to!

have a great weekend!


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