As I lay in bed

As I lay in bed,
It’s hard to make sense,
Of all these thoughts running through my head,
These days these thoughts are all positive,
As I am making a very good recovery.
But sometimes I wonder how did it happen to me,
I think it’s because of my history.
Bipolar disorder can be triggered by stress, genetics, or a significant life event, or by significant abuse.
Abuse and stress were certainly the triggers for me,
My family, boyfriend, and support workers would also agree.
Bipolar disorder doesn’t change you as a person,
It makes you more aware of what’s been going on,
And how to control things a step at a time,
But helping others with mental health issues has always been a passion of mine.
Since the rape incident took place,
I allows knew that someday,
I may be help to help others who have suffered not just from abuse, but from stress or other significant factors,
Whatever the reason that doesn’t matter,
I want to help others with mental health issues and problems and hope that they feel comforted in the support I could offer.
I plan to take on volunteer work,
To support professionals within the recovery college,
And share my recovery story to students and to staff,
And to offer anyone support who needs to talk,
I hope I will be able to help,
Bipolar disorder is just a label,
It doesn’t change the person in me,
I am perfectly good enough being just me!


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